ICC World Cup Winners History

ICC World Cup Winners History

To engrave their name in ICC World Cup winners history is a dream of every cricket team and its cricketers. And why not it should be, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest and most awaited international tournament of One Day International (ODI) cricket.

The iconic championship is organized every 4 years by the sport’s governing body – the International Cricket Council (ICC) with first prerequisite rounds leading up to semifinals and followed by a grand finale.

The championship is known as the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar” by the ICC as it is one of the most viewed sporting events across the world.

In June 1975, the first cricket world cup champions game was organized in England along with the first ODI cricket match which was played just four years before.

You will be stunned to know that the Women’s Cricket World Cup was organized two years before the first men’s tournament. The ICC World Cup winners history goes back to the year 1912 when a tournament popularly called a triangular tournament of Test matches was played between England, Australia, and South Africa.

History of Cricket World Cup Winners

As clearly mentioned in the ICC world cup winner list, England was the only host country in the initial 3 editions of the tournament. However, from 1987 there was a change in the tournament hosting patterns as many countries under an unofficial rotation system hosted the tournament, with fourteen ICC members participating.

Any cricket playing nation can enlist their names among ICC world cup winners as the tournament is open for all. Although, the highest-ranking and credible teams enjoy the automatic qualification while the new and other teams are selected by the ICC World Cup Qualifiers and the World Cricket League.

Promising teams like India, Australia, or England have always enthralled their fans with their outstanding gameplay and we can never expect less from them.

However, what’s more motivating is to see some amazing performances given by some non-full-member teams like Kenya who made their way up to semi-finals in the 2003 tournament.

Indeed, they didn’t win the trophy but their relentless efforts to become one of the ICC world cup winners motivated new teams. There have been 12 editions so far and a total of twenty teams have played to enroll their names in the legendary ICC world cup winner list.

ICC World Cup Winner 2019: England

ICC World Cup Winner 2019 -England

The eleventh edition of the tournament which was played in 2015 was equipped with a total of fourteen teams competing for the becoming ICC world cup winners.

However, the recent cricket world cup champions game only had 10 teams battling to become the next ICC world cup winner 2019. ICC world cup winner schedule 2019 was held between May 30 and July 14, 2019. The 2019 Cricket World Cup was organized by England and Wales.

In the first semi-final, New Zealand defeated India. Meanwhile, England crushed the defending cricket world cup champions, Australia, in the second semi-final while giving a fierce competition to New Zealand in the final.

The final of 2019 Cricket World Cup rushed everyone’s adrenalin as the scores were tied at 241 and the match was totally dependent on the super over. Just look at the irony, the scores were again leveled at 15 even at the super over. Originally, the match was tied but due to a higher boundary count in the main innings, England was declared ICC world cup winner 2019.

ICC World Cup Winner 2011

ICC World Cup Winner 2011 - India

India was the ICC World Cup Winner 2011. Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka together hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup tournament. Although, Pakistan was supposed to organize the 2011 world cup tournament eventually their hosting rights were stripped due to terrorist attacks while redistributing to the other host countries.

Australia was beaten up by Pakistan on 19 March 2011 in the final group stage match, ending up their treble beginning in 1999. India triumphed the second World Cup title by becoming ICC World Cup winner 2011 and defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets. The final match was held in Mumbai and the team became the first-ever country to win the trophy on home soil.

Australian Treble (1999–2007): Dominating ICC World Cup Champions List

Australia is the fiercest team when it comes to the World Cup. You don’t believe it? Just have a look at the ICC world cup champions list. Australia has won the ICC world cup winners trophy not just twice or thrice but five times. Other than Australia West Indies and India have won the trophy twice each, while England, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have won it once each.

Aussies won their first cricket world cup tournament in 1987 against England by 7 runs in Kolkata, India. The next tournament which they won was in the year 1999 and Pakistan was defeated by 8 wickets in the finals. The team continued to conquer the ICC world cup winner list by winning consequent three tournaments; 1999, 2003, and 2007.

Team India eventually ended their legendary treble in 2011 but the Aussies didn’t lose sight to make an invincible ICC world cup history. In 2015, the country again won the tournament and defeated New Zealand in the finals by 7 wickets. The records set by the Australian team in the entire cricket world cup history is a challenging milestone for any team.

Cricket World Cup Champions Game: A summary of cricket world cup winners history

According to recent stats, exactly 20 nations have competed at least once for the Cricket World Cup. There have been teams that have participated in every tournament to create the ICC world cup history, six of which have been the ICC world cup winners. West Indies was the team to win the first two tournaments whereas Australia has been on the ICC world cup champions list 5 times.

India won its first cricket world cup in 1983 and became ICC world cup winner 2011. While Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and England have each won once. Windies (1975 and 1979) and Aussies (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2015) are the only teams to have won consecutive titles while carving their names deep in the ICC world cup winner history.

Stunningly, Australia has contested in the seven finals out of twelve; 1975, 1987, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2015 which is actually a huge achievement.

Unfortunately, New Zealand hasn’t been able to win the mighty cricket world cup title. Although, the team has been runners-up for the past two tournaments (2015 and 2019) but weren’t lucky enough to enlist under ICC world cup winners history.

The team gave fierce competition to ICC world cup winner 2019, England, and weren’t actually defeated. The match got tied even at the power over but England was chosen to be the winner on the basis of the higher boundary count of batting innings.

There are three teams that have won the cricket world cup tournament while being the host. First was won by Sri Lanka who was the co-host of the 1996 World Cup, although the final was held in Pakistan.

In 2011 India won the tournament as host and formed the ICC world cup history by becoming the first team to win a final played on their soil. Australia and England later followed by winning the tournament in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

Highlights of ICC World Cup Winner 2019

ICC World Cup Winner 2019: England

Highest Scores in a match: David Warner, Australia- 166

Most Runs: Rohit Sharma, India- 648

Most Wickets: Mitchell Starc, Australia- 27

Highest Teams Innings Score: England- 397/6

Largest Margin of Defeat: Afghanistan- 146 Runs

Best Win Percentage: India- 77.8%

Best Bowling Figures (Innings): Shaheen Afridi, Pakistan- 6/35

Most Losses: Afghanistan- 9